Every pet is different and I believe that pet care should never be a 'one size fits all' service. Before taking on any new pet, I will arrange to meet you and conduct a no-obligation assessment of your pet care needs. If you then decide to use my services, I will ask you to fill out a short questionnaire regarding your pet's details, routines, behaviours and any specific requirements. Whilst your pet is in my care, I will endeavour to replicate their usual excercise, training, grooming, feeding and sleeping regime.


Boarding for Exotic Pets

When it comes to pet care for dogs and cats, owners can choose from a selection of boarding kennels, catteries and pet sitters available all over the UK. However, what if your little friend is a rabbit, a rat, a snake, a lizard, a scorpion or a ferret? Having owned a lot of these animals myself, I know how difficult it can be to find someone willing and experienced enough to look after these slightly more unusual pets whilst you are away. That's where I can help. 

As a Veterinary Nurse, ex-zookeeper and having had 2 years training with an exotic pet specialist, you can be sure that your pet is in safe and experienced hands and will be welcomed into my home to live as part of the family and treated as one of my own. 


Prices start from just £1 per day.  




For a variety of reasons, a kennel / cattery or boarding facility may not be a suitable place for your pet. Perhaps your pet is a sensitive little soul and a boarding facility would be too much for him to handle. Maybe he is not as young as he used to be and just prefers his home comforts and a lap to sleep on in the evenings. Perhaps he has some medical conditions which require careful monitoring. 
I am able to stay in your home and care for your pet whilst you are away. Whether an overnight-only stay or 24-hour care, you can have the peace of mind that their routine has not been disrupted by your absence, plus you have the added security of someone living in your home. I am also happy to water your garden, gather your post, put the bins out etc.
Costs will be based on your location, the duration of my stay, the number of pets you have and how much care they require.
Prices start from just £20.
Small-holding Care

Need a holiday, but worried about who will look after your chickens, geese, goats, ponies and the farmyard cat? I can provide visits several times per day, or live-in if required. Please get in touch for prices and availability. 

Dog Walking
This is available on a one-to-one basis for dogs who prefer their own company, or as a group walk, with a maximum of 3 compatible dogs at any one time.
Walk duration is completely flexible to suit your needs, whether you have a puppy requiring a 15 minute stroll, or a crazy spaniel who requires a 2 hour hike to tire him out. 

One-off walks and regular scheduled walks are welcome.


Prices start from just £6

Pet Visits
Visits will be tailored to suit your needs. Whether you need me to stop by for 10 minutes to feed the cat or put the chickens to bed, clip your pets claws, need a nurse to sit with a poorly pet for a few hours, have a pup that needs some play time whilst you are out at work, or have an entire menagerie of weird and wonderful creatures that need looking after whilst you are away... I welcome all enquiries! Just ask and I will do my best to fulfil your requirements.
Prices start from just £5
Pet Transport

I can offer pet transport for short journeys, such as a trip to the vets or groomers, as well as longer journeys, such as moving house or airport transfers. I have a professionally converted van capable of transporting 4 dogs (or 2 giant breed dogs) and most other companion animals. The van has four secure kennels and in-built ventilation for warmer weather. 

Other services

Please contact me to discuss any other Pet Care requirements you may have. If I cannot help you I will do my very best to direct you to someone who can.